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Kalbarri | Australia

It might seem strange for us to include a page about safety & environment together. Funnily enough they are linked.

From time to time we have customers who believe that the bike they are riding is theirs, and that they can do and go where they like. Our rules require customers to follow the Lead Bike and keep to tracks. And there are reasons for this.

The first is safety. The bikes we have are designed for touring and as working bikes on a farm or station. They are not light weight powerful “toylike” machines that people may purchase for racing, competition, or playing around on a beach. If people try to use our bikes in this way, e.g. snaking, fishtailing and the like, it is possible that they bike will not remain stable, and the person can be injured. The centre of gravity is too high for safe operation of our vehicles in this way.

For these reasons, we must insist that customers comply with the rules, and enjoy the various terrain and scenery that our quad bike tours offer. If the intent is just to go on a ‘joyride’ then our safaris will not meet those expectations.

The second reason we expect our customers to keep to tracks and ride responsibly is because the environment that we access is fragile and can be easily damaged by driving over what might look like sand and dead vegetation during the summer. With a bit of rain, the vegetation soon comes back to life and provides a food source for wildlife. When quad bikes or 4WD cars just drive where ever they like, it may take several years before the land recovers and grows new vegetation.

We are committed to protecting the pristine environment we have the privilege to access with our customers.

We invite those who are considering coming on one of our safaris to share our values of safety & fun, and responsible care for the environment we traverse.

Martin and nephew Toby
two man riding a quad bike down a dirt road

Martin and nephew Toby returning from a rubbish pick up on the Murchison River Reserve (town side – public land). We do this after every school holidays to keep the area clean as we can. We also know that a lot of people who visit the reserve, both locals and visitors, clean up after others – thank you.