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About Us

Experience Quad Biking in Western Australia

We, Ellen & Martin are the owners and operators of Kalbarri Quadbike Safaris and we would love to take you out on a quad bike safari tour to experience this safe and fun way to explore nature in the bush close to the Murchison River.  We are lucky enough to do this every day and we never tire of it.  Plus, we have the bonus of sharing the experience with the many people we meet from all over the world!

Our quad bike safari tours go out several times each day and start at Murchison House Station.  You will enjoy our very popular two hour Adventure Safari Tour suitable for beginners and experienced riders.  Or you can customise a safari for your group based totally on your experience so far (even if you don’t have any) and the kind of quad bike tour you would like.

We know that this experience will be THE highlight of your holiday for all the right reasons.  We will take you to beautiful Australian bush and river country which is normally only accessible by four wheel drive.  Every day customers tell us what an awesome experience they have had and that quad biking with us was the best experience of their holiday.  Many come back each year and bring their friends and family, often visiting from overseas to see ‘the real Australia’.

No previous experience of riding a quad bike is necessary.  So if this adventurous activity is one of the things on your ‘bucket list’ then we are just the people to help you to be safe, gain confidence and really enjoy the whole experience.  If you would rather not control the quad bike or don’t have your car license, you will be very comfortable as a passenger on our CFMoto two seater quad bikes.

Most of our customers are BEGINNERS and are welcome on all of our quad bike safari tours.  Prior to every safari you will be given detailed instructions about what you need to do to control the quad bike safely.  Then you are ‘on your bike’ for a practice session to get a feel for the bike and build your confidence on 4WD terrain.  Within a very short time you will feel confident to drive on and enjoy this unique experience.

We have many years experience with taking visitors out for a safe and enjoyable holiday activity and aim to make your adventure tour with us memorable for all the right reasons. You are guaranteed the personal attention of either one of us, Ellen or Martin, and you will feel safe and secure knowing that there is someone to help and watch out for you at all times.

Our quad bike safari tours are designed for small groups.  We are permitted to guide six bikes, and if they all have passengers the maximum number of people on our tours is twelve.

Where do we go?  Our quad bike safari tours will take you through the bush on the Murchison River Reserve and Murchison House Station. These areas are home of abundant bird and animal wild life and it is not uncommon to observe Eagles, Pelicans, Emus and Kangaroos. Black red tailed Cockatoos also nest in the trees by the river for their mating season.

Kalbarri is situated on the Indian Ocean 600km north of Perth in Western Australia.  The town is entirely surrounded by Kalbarri National Park and is THE place where the Ocean meets the Outback.  Within half an hour from the town’s pristine coastline and beaches you can be in the inland part of the Kalbarri National Park and see some of the longest and deepest gorges in Australia.  Kalbarri is the adventure capital of Western Australia and is one of the world’s best kept secrets.

Murchison House Station is one of the oldest Pastoral Leases in Western Australia.  It is skirted by the river and the ocean, and the landscape varies to show pristine bush, pastoral land and outback vistas as far as you can see.  And, it’s the perfect place for a quad bike adventure tour.

 All participants on our tours, including children must complete, agree, and sign a Waiver of Liability.